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Trade & Sector NewsEU launches new tool to empower SMEs: Access2Procurement

Access2Procurement will provide important and up-to-date information about public tender opportunities outside of the EU that are open to European companies.

Trade & Sector NewsDefinitive anti-dumping measures on imports of flat-rolled aluminium products from China

Commission adopts definitive anti-dumping measures on imports of flat-rolled aluminium products from China and suspends their application temporarily for 9 months.

Events & FairsCEO-Congress ‘light’ in Lausanne: Lecture WG Lobbyism & Quality

Lobbyism & Quality by Dr. Ulrich Bourgund (Hilti), Oct/1st 2021, Hotel Carlton, Lausanne (CH)

The Board informsNew format: European Tool days

Information on the new, planned format "European Tool Days"

The Board informsNew CEO General Secretary

From November 2021, there will be a new CEO General Secretary.

Events & FairsCEO Congress Lausanne: Presentations

Presentations at the General Assembly, Oct/1st 2021, Hotel Carlton, Lausanne (CH)

Events & FairsCEO General Assembly: Meeting Minutes

Report of the General Assembly, Oct/1st 2021, Hotel Carlton, Lausanne (CH)

The Board informsElection of the CEO board

At the CEO Congress in Lausanne, a new CEO board was elected.

REACHREACH: Candidate list of substances of very high concern updated

Candidate List of substances of very high concern has been updated with eight hazardous chemicals.

REACHSCIP Database: September 2021 update

The release of the SCIP dissemination portal is foreseen for September 2021 and will include a minimal set of initial features.

EnvironmentSustainable Products Initiative

News on the EU Digital Product Passport

Internal MarketEU Industrial Strategy - Building a stronger Single Market for Europe’s recovery

The Commission plans to update the European Industrial Strategy 2020.

Trade & Sector NewsEurozone sectors: Notable slowdown in input price inflation across Basic Materials group of sectors

Most sectors register slower gains in output than in July.

Trade & Sector NewsEurozone manufacturing growth slows to six-month low in August

This marked a second successive month in which growth has slowed in the sector since June’s survey record expansion.

REACHREACH restriction proposal on PFAs (Perfluoralkoxy-Polymeres) and roadmap for group restrictions

News on ongoing consultations for REACH restrictions, as well as a roadmap to prioritise substances for (group) restrictions under REACH.

Trade BarriersSafeguard measure prolonged for imports of steel products

The European Commission decided to prolong the safeguard measure currently in place on imports of certain steel products.

Consumer Product Safety Regulation (CPSR)Proposal for a General Product Safety Regulation

The European Commission published its proposal to update existing General Product Safety rules.

REACHREACH Review: July 2021 update

The European Commission published the roadmap regarding the revision of the REACH Regulation.

Trade & Sector NewsTrade Defence Instruments / EU anti-dumping measures – overview July 2021

The article gives an overview on current EU Trade Defence Instruments and anti-dumping measures.

Construction Product Regulation (CPR)Preparatory work on revision of Construction Products Regulation still ongoing

The European Commission, with the help of an external consultancy, is now drafting the impact assessment report.