EU infringement proceedings against French Triman logo

Packaging and products in the B2C-sector that are collected and recycled separately in France and are subject to "extended producer responsibility" must be labeled with the Triman logo and separation instructions.

In the view of the EU Commission, France's labeling regulations for sorting information violate the principle of the free movement of goods in the EU internal market. In an infringement procedure related to the Triman Decree, the European Commission is asking France to bring its national waste sorting labeling rules in line with the principle of the free movement of goods.


Key issues:
  • Obstacles to the Internal Market and undermining the principle of free movement of goods
  • Potential negative environmental impact through increased material needs for additional labeling; additional waste
  • Breaches of notification requirements at draft stage

France now has two months to address the concerns expressed by the Commission.

National labeling requirements are a growing nuisance for industry. A joint letter from industry associations to the EU Commission addresses this problem and rejects a fragmented internal market with unilateral and uncoordinated national measures.

The infringement procedure does not suspend the application of the decree. This means that companies must comply with the regulations while the process is ongoing: companies must display the Triman logo on packaging no later than March 9, 2023, the end of the transition period.


Sources: EUWID, Der Grüne Punkt

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