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Consumer Product Safety Regulation (CPSR)General Product Safety Regulation - new Agenda

NEws and timeline concerning the GPSR.

Overview on new LegislationLegislative Update May 2022

Overview on European Legislation in May 2022

General statisticsSpring 2022 Economic & Statistics Report

Twice a year, our lobbying partner Orgalim's economists compile data and examine the main economic developments for Europe’s technology industries.

General statisticsEuropean Statistic Production 2019/2020

Overview of hand tool production in European countries

REACHPosition on the upcoming revision of the REACH Regulation

Key messages of our lobbying partner Orgalim on the public consultation about the targeted revision of the REACH Regulation.

Construction Product Regulation (CPR)Proposal on the revision of the Construction Products Regulation

The proposal on the revision of the Construction Products Regulation is part of the European Green Deal proposals.

REACHFive substances added to REACH Authorisation List

The Authorisation List now contains 59 entries.

REACHUpcoming changes to REACH information requirements

The European Commission has revised certain information requirements for registering chemicals under REACH.

Trade BarriersSanctions adopted following Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine

In reaction to Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine the European Union has updated the sanctions against Russia.

PackagingCEO has joined the Packaging Chain Forum

The Packaging Chain Forum is a network of European and national associations, managed by the European Organization for Packaging and the Environment.

Trade BarriersResults of the CEO-Survey on trade situation with Russia

According to a current survey by the CEO, well over 90% of the CEO members surveyed are stopping their deliveries to Russia.

PackagingItaly: Mandatory packaging labeling postponed to January 1, 2023

From January 1st, 2023 at the latest, all packaging (B2B and B2C) must be marked with the codes of their materials.

PackagingFrance: New obligations for labelling with Triman and Infotri

The Triman and Infotri labels for electrical appliances and batteries will become mandatory for manufacturers and importers in France in 2022.

REACHREACH: Eight substances proposed for authorisation - Public consultation

ECHA invites comments on its proposal to include eight substances of very high concern in the REACH Authorisation List.

Intellectual Property RightsEuropean IP Helpdesk Bulletin on IP and the Green Deal

The European Green Deal from an IP perspective

REACHREACH: How to make your registration fulfil REACH information requirements

ECHA has updated its recommendations to help companies improve their registration dossiers.

Trade BarriersUkraine: EU agrees to extend the scope of sanctions on Russia and Belarus

Overview on current EU sanctions regarding the war in Ukraine.

Trade BarriersCEO-Survey on trade situation with Russia

Thank you for your contributions by 10 March 2022

The Board informsCEO Statement on war in Ukraine

The European Tool Committee (CEO) and its members are dismayed by the illegal Russian attack on Ukraine and call for an immediate end to the hostilities.

Intellectual Property RightsCase studies and podcast on successful technology transfer

The European Patent Office (EPO) has released two new case studies and a podcast episode looking at successful technology transfer.