New IP Special: IP and Social Media

Social media platforms have become an essential instrument for most small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to advertise and commercialise their products and services. Within the realm of social media intellectual property rights (IPRs) are very present. Consequently, SMEs and users should know how to use content on social media and to avoid IP infringement.

The European IP Helpdesk has published a new thematic package “IP and Social Media” comprising an animated clip, a fact sheet and an infographic:

  • The clip provides tips about how to use content on social media to avoid IP infringement.
  • The fact sheet gives an overview of the different IP rights involved on social media platforms and also provides various tips to protect the most usual IP rights in this online environment, prevent infringement and be familiar with the available enforcement mechanisms and tools that social media platforms have implemented.
  • An infographic gives insight into the key IP issues to keep in mind when engaging on social media.



Animated Clip: IP on Social Media


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