Technical Issues

Safety advice on handtools

Handtools are used for many human activities, by skilled professionals as well as by DIY customers. Our ambition is to demonstrate safe ways of working with handtools and what is to be avoided because it may be dangerous, by using simple pictures.

Some essential rules must be always kept in mind:

  • use quality tools
  • use the right tools for the intended work
  • wear safety goggles
  • replace worn out or damaged tools.

In the end, we like to point out that the CEO members manufacture tools in conformity with the international standard (ISO) or national ones (DIN, AFNOR, BSI, AINOR, AENOR…). Standards ensure that the tools are safe for their intended use. Buying tools that meet the standard is the first protection against injury.

CEO thanks the American Hand Tools Institute (H.T.I.) which has allowed us to use some of its documentation in this site. We also thank all CEO members who have accepted to work with us to create this site.