Joint European Industry Manifesto

85 European and national industry associations have joined forces to make a united call to prevent the risk of de-industrialisation on our continent by relaunching Europe’scompetitiveness.

The EU enters a new policy cycle at a challenging time, with technology and geopolitics acting as global disruptors, adding pressure to an already difficult economic situation. Now is the time to start building a strategic plan that unlocks the Single Market’s full potential and builds a regulatory environment for EU industry to remain globally competitive.

European industry’s demands are clear. We call on EU and national leaders to:  

1)      Reposition Europe as global leader in trade

2)      Embrace a horizontal approach to EU Single Market and competitiveness

3)      Build a joined-up strategy to boost value chain resilience, protecting jobs and consumers

4)      Bridge the innovation gap

5)      Nurture talents and skills

The full text of the manifesto can be found in the download section below.

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