EU renews anti-dumping measures on stainless steel fittings from China and Taiwan

Key points:
  • Anti-dumping duties range from 5.1% to 12.1% for Taiwan and from 30.7% to 64.9% for China.
  • The duty rate extended to imports from Malaysia is 64.9%, with two genuine Malaysian producers being exempt from the measures.
  • The renewal follows the extension of measures to fittings from Malaysia, after an anti-circumvention investigation had found that Chinese producers were using assembly operations there to evade measures applicable to them.
  • Both sets of measures protect EU producers of stainless steel fittings from unfair trading practices.


A related anti-circumvention investigation found that Chinese producers were already circumventing anti-dumping measures imposed on them: companies in Malaysia were importing the main parts needed to produce stainless steel fittings from China, processing them and subsequently exporting to the EU without paying any anti-dumping duties. No economic justification was found for this practice other than the circumvention of anti-dumping duties on imports from China.



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