4 Reasons 4 Trademarks: New Interactive Guide for SMEs

Trademarks are one of several intellectual property rights that help protect and enhance your brands. They help consumers identify products and services with the entity from which they originate. Organisations rely on trademarks to distinguish themselves from their competitors, to create an association between their trademarks and product quality, and to build their reputation and consumer loyalty. So, there are good reasons to consider how you develop a trademark protection strategy and safeguard your brand.



The European IP Helpdesk has developed a new interactive guide identifying the four key benefits of trademarks and helping innovative European businesses to understand their strategic value as an intellectual property tool.

This new interactive guide is the third part of a series following 4 Reasons to Patent and 4 Reasons to Copyright. More guides will be released on the 4SMEs website area in the future.


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Interactive Guide “4 Reasons 4 Trademarks”

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