2nd CEO-Round-Table 2022: Current EU initiatives to achieve climate neutrality by 2050


Online via MS Teams

CEO / European Tool Association

Christoph Köppchen


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The European Green Deal is a major policy package presented by the European Commission in 2021 to reduce carbon emissions by 55% by the year 2030. Carbon neutrality should be achieved by 2050 in all Member States of the European Union. This implies a fundamental overhaul of EU regulations in different fields (e.g. energy production, waste recycling) and will introduce new requirements for companies.

What are the current priorities of the EU in the field of climate neutrality? Where do we stand in terms of concrete regulatory proposals and expected new requirements for the industry?

This Round Table will aim to provide an overview of ongoing EU initiatives in a discussion with Ms. Toma MIKALAUSKAITĖ, Adviser Energy & Environment at ORGALIM.