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Under the menu point CEO Meetings you can find information on the past CEO Meetings, e.g. of the General Assembly, Working Groups and Professional Sections etc. Also you will find speeches and lectures of the past CEO Annual Congresses and Events, as well as information on upcoming events.



Currently there are no events.

Lobbyism CEO Congress 2022: Report of the Working Group Lobbyism

Report of the Working Group Lobbyism, 7 Oct 2022, Grand Hyatt Athens (GR)

Grand Hyatt Athens (GR)

Lobbyism CEO-Congress ‘light’ in Lausanne: Lecture WG Lobbyism & Quality

Presentation of the Working Group "Lobbyism & Quality", held by Dr. Ulrich Bourgund (Hilti) at our CEO Congress 2021 in Lausanne.

Lausanne (CH)