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The Board informsDr. Ulrich Bourgund elected as chairman of the Orgalim CPR Task Force group

As this group covers various construction products, Ulrich’s election strengthens the role of CFE inside Orgalim and in the process of the CPR revision.

The Board informsCEO Round Table has started with the Brexit topic on Dec/2

The 1st CEO Round Table took place on Dec/2nd. 15 Participants joint the online conference and listened to Silvia Selandari, an expert on the Brexit at ORGALIM.

REACHConsultations start on authorisation substitution plans

The substitution plans of four applications for authorisation to use a substance of very high concern – including hexavalent chromium in surface treatments – are now…

EnvironmentCircular Economy Policy – November 2020 update

The European Commission intends to broaden the scope of the Ecodesign Directive to cover a wider range of equipment, beyond energy related products.

REACHChemicals Strategy 2030

The Chemicals Strategy 2030 sets the European Commission’s political guidelines on the chemicals policy for the next years.

Machine DirectiveImpact Assessment Study on Revision of the Machinery Directive

The European Commission published the final report of the impact assessment study on the revision of the Machinery Directive.

Miscellaneous InformationEU Action Plan on Critical Raw Materials

The Action Plan analyses the current and future challenges and proposes actions to reduce Europe’s dependency on third countries, by diversifying supply from primary…

REACHSCIP database formally open for submitting notifications

The SCIP database will be formally open for submitting notifications on 28 October.

Miscellaneous InformationLegislative Update October 2020

The following developments on EU regulations should be noted.

Construction Product Regulation (CPR)Public consultation on the revision of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

The European Commission has launched a new public consultation on the revision of the Construction Products Regulation.

REACHAuthorisation update October 2020

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has published the consolidated opinions of the Risk-Assessment Committee and Socio-Economic Analysis Committee for 5 substances.

REACHImports of products into the EU

A pilot project by European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)’s Enforcement Forum examining imports of products into the EU has found that 23 % of inspected products were…

REACHSubstances of Very High Concern (SVHC) – October 2020 Update

Germany has notified its intention to propose identifying one new substance as SVHC, namely “phenol, alkylation products (mainly in para position) with C12-rich…

REACHRestriction of intentional uses of microplastics

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is working on the world’s broadest restriction of intentional uses of microplastics.

REACHREACH and Brexit – October 2020 update

The transition period for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU will end on 31 December 2020.

Industry 4.0Outcome of the Public Consultation on the Commission White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Over 1250 replies to a public consultation on AI by the commission were received via the procedures foreseen in the consultation, including survey submissions and…

Industry 4.0Inception Impact Assessment on future legislation on Artificial Intelligence

The Commission published an Inception Impact Assessment related to a “Proposal for a legal act of the European Parliament and the Council laying down requirements for…

REACHApproval for chromium (VI) still open

Many hand tools are chrome plated using chromium trioxide. The use of this substance is subject to authorization under the REACH regulation.

BrexitGuidance: Using the UKCA mark (UK Conformity Assesssed“-Label) from 1 January 2021

As the UK has left the EU, and the transition period after Brexit comes to an end this year, “UK Conformity Assesssed“ (UKCA)-Label will replace CE-marking.You will…

The Board informsCEO-Bulletin 2-2020

The current CEO Bulletin contains a Statsitic Special.