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Trade & Sector NewsCountry fact sheets for the construction industry

The European construction sector observatory (ECSO) profiles the construction industry in the 27 EU countries and the UK, and produces detailed country fact sheets (CFS)…

DIYSales in German home improvement stores up by 14 per cent during 2020

DIY stores in Germany increased their sales in 2020 by 13.8 per cent compared with the previous year to EUR 22.14 bn.

DIYDIY stores in Austria increase sales by nearly 11 per cent

The boost which the pandemic caused for trade in DIY and garden assortments almost worldwide is also noticeable in Austria.

Trade BarriersAnti-dumping duties on imports of aluminium extrusions from China

The anti-dumping duties imposed range from 21.2% to 32.1%.

Trade BarriersLetter on the safeguard measures against imports of certain steel products

While the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted Europe’s technologies industries in 2020, production levels are now increasing and are expected to continue to do so as…

Trade & Sector NewsManufacturing sectors dominate European growth rankings in March

The latest detailed European sector Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) data indicated output growth in 15 out of 20 monitored sectors in March, up from ten in February.

Machine DirectiveMD: New list of harmonised standards

A new list of harmonised standards for the Machinery Directive was published in the Official Journal.

Trade & Sector NewsPosition Paper on the World Trade Organisation (WTO)

Our lobbying partner Orgalim is convinced of the benefits for Europe of rules-based free trade, including an effective framework at the multilateral level such as the…

Trade & Sector NewsContraction in eurozone productivity eases during March

In March 2021, he overall rate of contraction softened and was only slight, supported by a stronger expansion at goods producers and a slower reduction at services…

DIYGerman associations warn of rising prices in DIY and garden sector

The accident involving the containership “Ever Given” and the associated blockade of the Suez Canal have exacerbated a development that poses major challenges for…

Trade BarriersUnion Customs Code (UCC): New advance cargo risk management platform

In its first phase, ICS2 will focus on postal and express consignments coming to or through the EU by air, before eventually being applied to all modes of cargo…

Trade & Sector NewsEurozone productivity falls for fourth successive month in February

Eurozone private sector productivity decreased for the fourth month running in February, but the pace of contraction eased and was moderate.

Trade & Sector NewsEurozone construction activity continues to fall in February

Eurozone construction firms reported a sustained downturn in activity during February.

Trade & Sector NewsGlobal Business Outlook: Vaccine progress lifts global business confidence

At +32 %, up from +26% in October 2020, the business activity net balance indicated the strongest degree of optimism in three years.

Trade & Sector NewsFebruary 2021: Fastest growth of eurozone manufacturing sector for three years

The eurozone’s manufacturing economy performed strongly in February as operating conditions improved to the greatest degree for three years.

Industry 4.0Artificial Intelligence: March 2021 update

While a legislative proposal on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected during the first quarter of 2021, the European Commission gave an update of the current status of…

Trade BarriersEU and U.S. agree to suspend all tariffs linked to the Airbus and Boeing disputes

On 5th March, the EU and U.S. agreed to suspend all retaliatory tariffs on EU and U.S. exports imposed in the Airbus and Boeing disputes for a four-month period.

Trade & Sector NewsMarket access offers of the EU-China investment agreement

The Commission has published the schedules of commitments agreed under the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI), concluded in principle on 30 December…

New Legislative Framework (NLF)Blue Guide March 2021 update

The European Commission has embarked on the evaluation of the New Legislative Framework (NLF).

Consumer GoodsNew Consumer Agenda

The European Commission has launched a New Consumer Agenda to empower European consumers to play an active role in the green and digital transitions.