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Trade & Sector NewsAccessories tools for powertools: Professional Association warns against monoculture and dependence

Independent accessory manufacturers see competitive disadvantages vis-à-vis large corporations.

Trade BarriersPublic consultation on the mid-term evaluation of the Union Customs Code (UCC)

The consultation is open until 19th July.

Industry 4.0Digital Policy - June 2021 update

The European Commission presented a “package” of documents related to Artificial Intelligence.

Trade & Sector NewsFree Trade Agreements – overview June 2021

The article gives an overview on current treaties and FTAs.

Consumer GoodsHow the EU aims to boost consumer protection

The European Parliament has published a report on How the EU aims to boost consumer protection.

Intellectual Property RightsPatent drafting and its importance for patent protection

While most patent applicants are well informed about the filing process, there seems to be lack of awareness about how important patent drafting is.

Intellectual Property RightsNew online magazine "Patent Knowledge News"

It will feature news, updates and facts relating to patent knowledge.

Trade & Sector NewsThe future of manufacturing in Europe

The Future of Manufacturing in Europe (FOME) is an explorative and future-oriented study and a pilot project proposed by the European Parliament.

Construction Product Regulation (CPR)First results of the public consultation

The first results of the public consultation on the revision of the Construction Products Regulation were recently made available.

Trade & Sector NewsCETA factsheet and guides: April 2021 update

Find out more about the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

Intellectual Property RightsCounterfeit remains top priority for EU’s efforts in intellectual property protection

The European Commission published its biennial report on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPR) in third countries.

Machine DirectiveProposal for a revision of the Machinery Directive

The European Commission (EC) has tabled a proposal for a revision of the Machinery Directive.

Trade & Sector NewsCountry fact sheets for the construction industry

The European construction sector observatory (ECSO) profiles the construction industry in the 27 EU countries and the UK, and produces detailed country fact sheets (CFS)…

DIYSales in German home improvement stores up by 14 per cent during 2020

DIY stores in Germany increased their sales in 2020 by 13.8 per cent compared with the previous year to EUR 22.14 bn.

DIYDIY stores in Austria increase sales by nearly 11 per cent

The boost which the pandemic caused for trade in DIY and garden assortments almost worldwide is also noticeable in Austria.

Trade BarriersAnti-dumping duties on imports of aluminium extrusions from China

The anti-dumping duties imposed range from 21.2% to 32.1%.

Trade BarriersLetter on the safeguard measures against imports of certain steel products

While the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted Europe’s technologies industries in 2020, production levels are now increasing and are expected to continue to do so as…

Trade & Sector NewsManufacturing sectors dominate European growth rankings in March

The latest detailed European sector Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) data indicated output growth in 15 out of 20 monitored sectors in March, up from ten in February.

Machine DirectiveMD: New list of harmonised standards

A new list of harmonised standards for the Machinery Directive was published in the Official Journal.

Trade & Sector NewsPosition Paper on the World Trade Organisation (WTO)

Our lobbying partner Orgalim is convinced of the benefits for Europe of rules-based free trade, including an effective framework at the multilateral level such as the…