Who is the European Tool Association CEO?

We are the association that represents the interests of hand tool and constrcution fixings companies that manufacture in Europe, such as producers of Pliers, Tightening Tools, Masonry Drills, Woodworking Tools, Files, Hammers and Cold Chisels, Measuring Tools, Tube Tools, Powder Actuated Fastening Tools, Plastic and Metal Anchors or Construction Fixing Tools.


Whom do we represent?

  • We represent companies who have invested in European hand tool and anchor manufacture.
  • Some are small family businesses, some are medium enterprises and some are large multi-nationals with global manufacturing strategies.


What do we promote?

  • We promote the continued design, development and production of hand tools and constrcution fixings that suit the needs of our customers around the world.
  • We promote international standards that specify hand tools and European Assessment Documents for constrcution fixings that are safe and effective in use.
  • We promote the development of our staff, our suppliers and our customers to deliver and use safe effective tools.
  • We promote the adoption of new technologies that improve the environment.
  • We promote Europe as an effective location for design, development and manufacture of hand tools.and constrcution fixings


What do we offer our members?

  • We facilitate helpful contact to enable our members to deal with the challenges of the future.
  • We represent the views of our members to European and international governments, standards bodies and commercial organisations.
  • We promote the use of safe effective tools.
  • We identify global best practice and inform interested members about it.
  • We research and communicate market trends for the benefit of our members.



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