Joining CEO


The conditions for membership


CEO (Comité Européen de l’Outillage) is the Association of European Tool Manufacturers. The following companies can join CEO as member:


A. Categories of membership:

  • Companies manufacturing tools
  • Groups of companies, incorporating all their daughter companies manufacturing tools
  • National tool manufacturers’ associations in Europe
  • Extraordinary members intended as persons or corporate bodies. They will act only in an advisory capacity and will have neither active nor passive voting rights.


B. Product categories:

Companies applying for membership are manufacturers of tools in the following categories:

  • Hand tools
  • Tools for woodworking
  • Metal saws
  • Construction fixings & -tools

Applying companies must have production facilities in Europe and at least 40% of added value in their production of tools.


C. Subscription

The subscription level depends of the European sales of tools in the above mentioned tool-categories, from worldwide production.

For further details, you are kindly advised to contact us.